Johan Alfonsson

Affiliated Researcher

Department of Sociology and Work Science
Visiting address
Skanstorget 18
41122 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Johan Alfonsson

Johan Alfonsson holds a PhD in Sociology and is a postdoctoral researcher. He defended his dissertation "Alienation and Work. The Condition of Young On-Call Employees in Flexible Capitalism" in 2020. The book examines the existence of casual workers in flexible capitalism from an alienation perspective.

Alfonsson's research mainly addresses issues concerning precarious employment, its causes, and consequences.

Since February 2021, he has been involved in the Forte-funded research project "Low-wage Jobs in the Swedish Labour Market 2005-2020: What are the jobs, where are they located, and what explains their development?". The project investigates the emergence of low-wage jobs in Sweden, who is at risk of ending up in them, and why they have proliferated.

At Halmstad University, he conducts research on split shifts in elderly care, as part of a postdoctoral position funded by Forte.


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