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Robin Andersson Malmros

Doctoral Student

School of Public
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 19
41123 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 712
40530 Göteborg

About Robin Andersson Malmros

Dissertation project

Managing Grand Challenges - How Scandinavian Municipalities Prevent Violent Extremism

The purpose of the dissertation is to describe and explain how Scandinavian municipalities have organized their preventive work against violent extremism. More specifically, it examines how a field of organizational actors working against extremism has emerged and evolved, how the key-term radicalization is translated from idea to policy in action plans, and what actions are implemented on the local level. This is done through content analyzes of municipal action plans, interviews and observational studies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The theoretical framework of the dissertation is neo-institutional theory.

Teaching (School of Public Administration)

  • Qualitative Methods (Bachelor-level)
  • Organization Theory (Bachelor- and Master-level)
  • Supervising Bachelor- and Master thesis
  • Furthermore, I regularly give external lectures, nationally and internationally, on the organizing of preventive efforts to prevent violent extremism

Research projects

  • Nordic Multiagency Approaches to Handling Extremism: Policies, Perceptions and Practices (2018-2021). The research project focuses Nordic multiagency approaches to handling extremism. More specifically, it analyses the policies and laws that underpin such work, perceptions of it among practitioners and the practices conducted in multiagency structures
  • The project Pan-Nordic and Transnational Dimensions of Nordic Right-Wing Extremism (2020-2022) sheds light on historical and contemporary research on the transnational organization of right-wing extremism in the Nordics.

Further commitments

  • Project Leader at The Segerstedt Institute - a national resource center with the objective to spread knowledge and develop methods on how to prevent recruitment to violent extremist movements and ideologies.
  • Expert Consultant in the International Consensus Guidelines Committee for the Prevention of Violent Radicalization and Extremist Violence. CPN-PREV is an evidence-based and practitioner-centered network aiming at promoting Canadian and international leadership from multiple sectors and disciplines in countering violent radicalization (
  • Safe City Advisor in Nordic Safe Cities. Within the framework of this initiative, I help Nordic municipalities to develop their preventive work against violent extremism.