Elisabeth Olin

About Elisabeth Olin

I am professor of Social Work and have previously been employed in the field of disability and psychiatry, where I held several managerial positions. Has also held the function of research leader for research and development of the disability area at a regional FoU unit as well as head of department, director of studies for advanced level and for postgraduate education.

My research interest is the life situation of disabled people with a focus on young people, their everyday lives, social relationships, belonging, strategies and professional support. But also, about relatives where personal assistance within the family has been given special attention.

I have extensive experience in teaching and supervision on graduate and undergraduate level. In my previous role as director of studies, I have led several extensive pedagogical development projects.

I have two ongoing research projects, the first, together with Professor Anna Dunér, an interview study about the municipal investigating regarding personal assistance. The second, together with fil. dr. Bibbi Ringsby Jansson, focuses on providing social support to people with extensive disabilities in their everyday life.

I am a member of the research group NORM and is also part of the department's research platform "Exclusion and control" and a member of the Nordic Network on Disability Research (NNDR). I have several positions of trust within the scientific community, including a member of the editorial board for the journal British Journal of Learning Disabilities. I also had assignments as an opponent, member of grading committees’ and reviewer for research projects, appointments and for international scientific journals.