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Elisabeth Olin

About Elisabeth Olin

Memberships / Networks I am a board member for Föreningen Betaniahemmet which arranges housing activities and daily activities for people with intellectual and neuro-psychiatric disabilities and also a board member for Stiftelsen Gyllenkroken which carries a range of activities for people with mental illness and disease. I am a member of the National and Nordic Disability Network (NNDR).

Skill areas I have worked as a social worker in disability care and child and adolescent psychiatry, where I had several managerial positions. I also had a leadership position in disability research and development within the municipalities.

Research Interest My research interest is the life situation of people with disabilities, primarily related to various aspects of their daily life situation. The research I have conducted has primarily focused on young people with disabilities, their daily life, social relationships and participation in society.

I am also engaged in Vårdalinstitutet, which is a national environment for interdisciplinary research and development in the health care field in close cooperation between universities and health care.

Current research At the platform “Severe mental illness and/or disability”, I am a project manager for an intervention project designed to increase the participation in care and treatment for people with psychosis. Within the project, we also do qualitative studies, which focus on how people with severe mental illness experience their everyday lives but also how different professional groups experience their opportunities and difficulties to help and support people with severe mental illness.

Teaching I have worked as a teacher since the mid-eighties, at bachelor’s and master’s level, in courses related to disability but also in theory and methodology courses, mainly in social pedagogy. I have also been a coordinator for several courses. I supervise students at undergraduate, master's and doctoral level. I am also director of studies for the master education of social work. I have extensive experience in educational development, both for programme and courses.