Ana Gil Solá

Senior Lecturer

Visiting address
Viktoriagatan 13
41125 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 625
40530 Göteborg

About Ana Gil Solá

My main area of research and teaching concerns social aspects related to people’s everyday life mobility and accessibility.

In addition to teaching (as an associate senior lecturer), 2020-2023 I work mainly within the research project "Understanding the compact city from a gender perspective", funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. The overall aim of the project is to improve the understanding of how gendered patterns of everyday life and strategies to get access to the urban environment, interact with, adapt to, and shape urban densification. This is in order to support an urban planning and development that promote gender equality along with improved energy- and transport efficiency.

Since autumn 2018 I also lead the Network for Socially Sustainable Transport Planning together with planners from The Gothenburg Region (GR). The network aims to increase understanding and knowledge exchange between planning and research, and to develop research projects.

In 2020, we will conclude the research project “Developing social impact assessment for Swedish transport planning: a transdisciplinary approach”, together with researchers from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. In this project we followed the case of Metrobuss and their work with a SIA, as well as tested a method for developing knowledge within SIA focusing people’s everyday lives.

During 2015-2018 I mainly worked within a research project financed by Formas: “Towards sustainable urban and regional accessibility – reducing implementation deficits with knowledge-based interactive planning tools”. In the first part of the project we focused on, among other things, planner’s perception of relevant aspects when it comes to planning for accessibility in a city or region. In the second part we focused on the role of proximity as an accessibility strategy for different social groups.

I defended my doctoral thesis in 2013 “Towards gender equality? Women’s and men’s commuting under transformation and negotiation”. The thesis concerns work travel and everyday life mobility from a gender perspective. During 2014 I mainly worked within a research project concerning gender mainstreaming of the transport sector.

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Research areas

  • People’s everyday life mobility and accessibility
  • Gender and work travel/mobility
  • Planning for sustainable accessibility
  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA) in Swedish transport planning

Teaching areas

  • Mobility and gender
  • Sustainable accessibility, social exclusion and urban planning
  • Planning for everyday life and social inclusion/gender equality
  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
  • GIS