Bertil Vilhelmson


Visiting address
Viktoriagatan 13 plan 4
41125 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 625
40530 Göteborg

About Bertil Vilhelmson

Senior professor in Human Geography

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Research areas

  • Mobility studies – the geography of human spatial interaction
  • Transportation, communication, ICTs and migration
  • Environmental planning and geography
  • Time use studies
  • Urban and regional planning

Teaching areas

  • Transportation and communication geography
  • Environmental geography
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Research methods

Selected publications

Daily mobility and the use of time for different activities. The case of Sweden
Vilhelmson, Bertil
GeoJournal, 48, s. 177-185, 1999

Does the Internet encourage people to move? Investigating Swedish young adults’ internal migration experiences and plans
Vilhelmson, Bertil, Thulin, Eva
Geoforum, 47:June, s. 209-216, 2013

Where does time spent on the internet come from? Tracing the influence of information and communications technology use on daily activities
Vilhelmson, Bertil, Thulin, Eva, Elldér, Erik
Information, Communication and Society, 20:2, s. 250-263, 2016

Who and where are the flexible workers? Exploring the current diffusion of telework in Sweden
Vilhelmson, Bertil, Thulin, Eva
New technology, work and employment, 31:1, s. 77-96, 2016

Spatial, generational and gendered trends and trend-breaks in mobility
Frändberg, Lotta, Vilhelmson, Bertil
Handbook of Sustainable Travel. Eds T. Gärling, D. Ettema & M. Friman, Dordrecht : Springer, s. 15-32, 2014