Exchange studies at HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design

As an exchange student you study together with our regular programme students. If you are accepted as an exchange student, you will follow the courses within the programme you have been accepted to (30 ECTS). If you are accepted to any of the following programmes as an exchange student: Fine Arts, Photography, Film, one of the courses per semester is however elective (7,5 credits).

Entry requirements

We accept applications from students whose home university or department has an active exchange agreement with HDK-Valand or a university wide agreement with the University of Gothenburg. In order to apply for an exchange semester at HDK-Valand, we require a nomination from your home university. 

Please note that the programmes we offer are generally not offered on an introductory level. Even though we do not require any formal pre-requisites (such as a certain amount of credits in a subject) in order for you to apply for a certain programme, some of the programmes do require you to demonstrate a certain amount of preknowledge of the subject and material used within that programme, or a certain amount of experience working in the workshops commonly used within the education.

The admissions jury will review each applicants’ submitted material (portfolio) and decide upon if the prerequisites seem to be sufficient for the applicant/s to properly take part in the programme. 

Due to a limited number of study places, please note that nominated students applying for exchange studies at HDK-Valand are not guaranteed a place.

Nomination procedure

In order to apply for an exchange semester at HDK-Valand, we require a nomination from your home university. 

Partner universities nominate incoming students by sending an email to:

The nomination should include:

  • Name of student
  • Email address of student
  • Clearly state what programme the student is interested in applying for at HDK-Valand.

Language requirements

The official language of instruction in most of our Bachelor programmes is Swedish. However, most students, teachers and staff speak English and a summary of the different projects and courses will be given to you in English. Your tutoring sessions will also be held in English. Hence, if you have good knowledge in English there won't be any problem for you to take part in the education.

English is the official language of instruction in the Bachelor programmes Metal Art and Wood Oriented Furniture Design as well as in all of our Master programmes.

Exchange applicants are not required to submit proof of their proficiency in English. They are however expected to have an adequate level of proficiency in English.


Please note that we have two campuses; HDK-Valand in Gothenburg and HDK-Valand at Steneby in Dals Långed (located about 170 km north of Gothenburg).


If you’re applying for an exchange semester at HDK-Valand at Campus Steneby, more information will follow on housing options if/once you are admitted.