A group of musicians playing on stage
Photo: Stig Magnus Thorsén

Apply to BA Improvisation Performance

This information concerns the Bachelor's Programme in Music, with specialisation in Improvisation. The next time you can apply for the programme is December 2022 – January 2023. Studies start in the autumn of 2023.

Admissions Test

The following refers to students entering the programme in autumn 2023. 

The admissions test for the undergraduate programme in improvisation is conducted entirely remotely. For the first round, you will upload two videos in which you play/sing, either solo or accompanied by one or more other musicians. At least one of the pieces in round 1 must be performed together with other musicians. See instructions and criteria for the video below. If you pass round 1, you will be invited to round 2. Round 2 is conducted during week 9 (27 February–5 March).

Round 1

You play and/or sing and improvise on:

  • One piece of your choice, max. 6 minutes long.
  • A composition of your own or your own arrangement of a piece of your choosing, max. 6 minutes long. 

Round 2

Test 2 is also taken remotely. Detailed instructions for how the second test will be administered will be sent with the invitation via email.

Requirements for video recordings

You submit your work samples via SlideRoom. You create a new account in SlideRoom yourself with your e-mail address and password of your choice.

Read the instructions for the programme you want to apply for carefully and make sure you know which pieces/samples you need to record and upload.

  • Start your videos by introducing yourself. You must also clearly state which piece you will perform on the recording. For the videos to be considered valid, your face and hands must be visible at all times.
  • Perform one (1) piece/sample per film. Each film may be a maximum of 6 minutes long and must be shot in one uninterrupted take. No cuts or other technical editing are allowed. The total running time of your videos must not exceed 12 minutes (unless otherwise specified in the trial information).
  • The sound must be of good quality without too much room acoustics and without distortion and noise.
  • The films must have high image quality with good sharpness and light. The recordings must be uploaded in the following permitted file formats: MP4 or MOV. Other file formats are not allowed.
  • If the instructions are not followed and the video files are found to have been modified in any way, your submitted work samples may be deemed invalid.