University of Gothenburg
Allmänna seminariet

Public Seminar Series

The public seminar series play a central role in the postgraduate education. Doctoral candidates participate actively at the seminar where they are trained in scientific argumentation and in preparing to convey their research.

About The Public Seminar

The public seminar invites guests to present and discuss ongoing research. Thematic seminars are periodically arranged, and a special theme may then be treated during a series of seminars.

The time for the seminar is Wednesdays at 13:15-15 if not stated otherwise. The language (English or Swedish) is indicated by the title of the seminar. Book releases, docent- and professor lectures are followed by a reception.

More Seminars

A number of other seminar series are arranged by research groups at the department connected to questions such as the labour markets, sociology of emotions, feminist studies, social movement studies and science and technology studies. Please check the calendar or visit the research areas designated webpages for more information.