University of Gothenburg

Conference: Nordic Conference on Violent Extremism

In the autumn of 2017, the first research conference, the Nordic Conference on Violent Extremism (NCVE), Gothenburg, was organised. The conference was initiated by the Segerstedt Institute at the University of Gothenburg. Since 2017, the conference has become a well-established research conference and was held in Oslo 2018, Aarhus 2019, and no later than 2021 in Helsinki (digitally due to the pandemic). The conference brings together researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers to discuss current developments and new research on violent extremism and terrorism. Between 19–21 September 2022, the research conference will again be held in Gothenburg. The conference will be held at the Wallenberg Conference Center in Gothenburg. Mellan 19–21 september 2022 kommer forskningskonferensen åter att genomföras i Göteborg. Konferensen kommer att förläggas på Konferenscentrum Wallenberg i Göteborg.