University of Gothenburg

Learning, prevention and consequences of antisemitism in the Swedish educational system

Teaching and education have been regarded as the most important tools in the fight against antisemitism. Yet, there is a shortage of research on these issues, despite their relevance for several fields of research, education, and for policy.

The purpose of the network “Learning, prevention and consequences of antisemitism in the Swedish educational system” (financed by Vetenskapsrådet 2023-2026) is to sustain, promote, and develop research on how teaching about antisemitism is organized and what knowledge about Jews, Judaism, and antisemitism that is being reproduced in Swedish schools. The network also recognizes the importance of including the perspectives and experiences of the Jewish minority in this research. The network further aims at contributing to the theoretical discussion on antisemitism by providing a much-needed forum for critical exchange between research groups devoted to the study of racism and nationalism in contemporary society.




Project time


Participating institutions and researchers

The steering committee consists of

Christer Mattsson, Segerstedt institute, project leader

Mirjam Katzin, Segerstedt institute/Malmö stad, project coordinator

Malin Thor Tureby, Department of Society, Culture and Identity, Malmö University

Oscar Österberg, Living History Forum

Lars M Andersson, Forum for Jewish Studies, Uppsala University

Claes Tängh Wrangel, CEMFOR, Uppsala University


If you wish to get in contact with or join the network, please email