University of Gothenburg

Research in collaboration with HDa, Hitatchi ABB and Spendrups

The Segerstedt Institute collaborates with Dalarna University (HDa) and with partial funding from Hitatchi ABB and Spendrups on a research project carried out by doctoral student Karin Årman as part of her doctoral work. In the collaboration, three premises have been developed: the context for the study shall be Dalarna, the method shall be empirical, and the object of study shall be preventive work against violent extremism. The purpose of Karin’s dissertation is to ‘develop new knowledge about strategies that can contribute to a classroom climate characterised by tolerance for dissent, where controversial issues can be discussed in a respectful way even when the conversation is surrounded by passionate emotions’. The work was supervised by Professor Maria Olsson at Stockholm University, Tomas Axelsson at Dalarna University, and Jennie Sivenbring at the Segerstedt Institute.