University of Gothenburg

Free standing courses

The Center for Sea and Society arranges a number of free standing courses with an interdisciplinary perspective on the sea.

Blue economy and sustainable use of marine resources

The aim of this course is to describe the ownership over the marine
and maritime resources, and the main governance systems that regulate
these ownerships.

The Sea and Society Relationship; Historical Perspectives, Present Status and Future Challenges

The aim of this course is to put into a broad context the human "uses" of the sea through time including emotional and philosophical uses.

European Marine Directives and Policies - an Interdisciplinary Perspective

The aim of this course is to give an overview of the contents and requirement of EU marine environmental directives and policies, from legal, social and environmental perspectives.

Seascape Governance in Times of Global Change

This course presents a comprehensive analysis of the interactions between marine ecosystems and socioeconomic systems in a spatial context.