University of Gothenburg
Researcher Géraldine Fauville with VR headset infront of aquarium.
Photo: Nicke Johansson

Become a Member

The Centre for Sea and Society is a hub for marine transdisciplinary activities, initiating research, and acting as the university's marine collaboration partner. Join us, and contribute to advancing the marine and maritime activities at the University of Gothenburg.

Our membership is open to anyone at the University who is involved or interested in research, projects, or activities related to the ocean.

As a member, you will benefit from:

  • Support in the development of projects and research applications.
  • Support in organizing and coordinating multidisciplinary seminars, conferences, and writer's retreats.
  • Support for international collaborations.
  • Subscription to the Sea and Society Membership Letter and access to our Teams group, keeping you updated on the latest calls and events.
  • Opportunity for discussion and input on the University's strategic decisions related to the marine area, for example the UGOT Ocean profile area.
  • Access to a multidisciplinary network of academics and professionals.

Click here to become a Sea and Society Member and join our network.

    As a member, get involved in various ways:

    • Initiate or suggest relevant activities, and we'll help you bring them to life.
    • Participate in activities organized by the centre.
    • Keep us informed about your ongoing projects or research. If you wish, we can assist in disseminating the information.
    • Help spread the word about the Centre for Sea and Society within your own network.