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Maria José Zapata Campos och Bruno Chies
Researcher Maria José Zapata Campos and Bruno Chies from Solidarity Fridge meet up to talk about the nonprofit forces in a growing city.
Photo: Göteborgs universitet

Snacket går... Research out and about

"Snacket går..." (Walk and talk) is a series where researchers at Gothenburg Research Institute meet up with interesting people from different parts of the society to take a walk, and discuss different topics that matters to us all. Sustainability, solidarity and consumption - In "Snacket går", we talk about these themes in a different way, with a new perspective.

Snacket går... Enough space for solidarity?

Bruno Chies from the nonprofit initiative Solidarity Fridge and researcher Maria José Zapata Campos from the Gothenburg Research Institute at the School of Business, Economics and Law meet up for a walk and talk at Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg.

Video (13:58)
Snacket går... is there a place for solidarity in a growing Gothenburg?

Talk of the Town: Are meetings IRL under threat?

For a long time, we have had very limited opportunities to meet people IRL. Meanwhile, digitalisation has been progressing. Nanna Gillberg is researching digitalisation at Gothenburg Research Institute at the School of Business, Economics and CEO of Liseberg Amusement Park Andreas Andersen’s work is focused on physical meetings. Now they meet to talk about our future interactions.

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Snacket går... Are meetings IRL under threat?