#metoo activism in Sweden: Development, consequences, strategies

Research project
Active research
Project size
5,8 million SEK
Project period
2019 - ongoing
Project owner
Södertörn University, Department of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

Short description

The #metoo tag has united women’s movements in a global campaign against sexism and violence. In Sweden, the movement largely consisted of private individuals' involvement in call groups, based on professions, industries or communities of interest. What the appeal made clear was how sexual harassment and abuse is not a marginal phenomenon, but occurs in most professions and contexts.

This interdisciplinary project examines the Swedish #metoo movement: its development, consequences and strategies.

Through a strategic selection of different industries, we want to be able to compare the conditions in different contexts: how sexism and harassment were described, and how the work to counter them was conducted during this transformative period.

The project uses a combination of different research methods to capture different aspects of metoo activism: different types of interviews with initiators, organizers, participants and key people for the calls, and both qualitative and quantitative analyzes of different types of texts such as call texts, discussions in social media, as well as media reporting.