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Basic statistics for educational research, 7.5 credits

In the course on basic statistics, participants will learn more about the theory and practice of statistical analysis in the educational sciences and gain an understanding of why and how statistics and quantitative analysis can be valuable to many educational research questions.

The contents of the course aim at giving students an understanding of descriptive vs inferential statistics, univariate and bivariate analysis, data management and analysis in the statistics program SPSS, and the importance of using statistical methods appropriate for the research question and the data at hand. In a simple and applied way, we review basic statistical concepts and work on analysing data using the SPSS statistics program.

The course provides a foundation for the more advanced courses in the QRM research school, but it can also be read independently. It is well suited for doctoral students, researchers and supervisors who want to refresh and further develop knowledge that they acquired long ago.

The course is open to Swedish and international participants.

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Practical information

Course code

Course start
Fall 2021: Week 35, Aug 30

Application period
Apr 1 - May 31 (2021)

Campus days
Fall 2021: Decided later (Maybe On-line due to Corona pandemi)