University of Gothenburg

Master of Theology

If you are looking for a cutting-edge education in Biblical Studies or Systematic Theology, with training in core skills in theology and the humanities, the two-year Master of Theology programme is offering just that.

With one eye on ancient texts and traditions and the other squarely on contemporary concerns, the programme will deepen your knowledge and understanding of theology, thus enabling you to understand the world in new ways.

The master of theology is designed to provide you with an advanced understanding of theology, specializing in Biblical Studies or Systematic Theology.

  • The Biblical Studies track has a particular focus on Jewish-Christian relations in the study of biblical and related texts, their historical and literary contexts, as well as their past reception and contemporary use.
  • The Systematic Theology track has a twofold focus, both on the main tenets of the Christian doctrinal tradition and on the relation between theology and politics and ethics. Common to both specializations is the critical investigation of a rich heritage with a view to the concerns of our own time.

The programme will equip you for work in the academy, church or society, including teaching and research, ministry, policy-making, and NGO-work. In short, the program is relevant to a number of professional contexts in a world in which a deeper knowledge of theology and religion is increasingly sought after and valued.
You will find further information about content, structure, profiles and options in the description of each track, Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology.

The programme welcomes applications from Sweden as well as international students.

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