University of Gothenburg

Doctoral Studies in Literature

The research interests in Literary studies spans a wide range of areas, from the forms and conditions of older literature to the conditions of literature in the contemporary period, for example in relation to digital media and the reading public.

Over the years, the department has developed strong teaching and research traditions in, among other things, theatre studies and the history of early literature. At the same time, there has been a continuous broadening and deepening of competence, and research areas today include gender studies, popular fiction, children's and youth literature, literary didactics, life writing, eco-criticism, transmedial studies, literary reception and the use of both older and modern literatures.

Many researchers explore both Nordic and international literature, as well as transcultural perspectives. The researchers participate actively in discussion of the development of literary studies and interdisciplinary areas such as digital humanities, medical humanities and environmental humanities.

A doctoral (PhD) student is expected to conduct research and to contribute to the development of knowledge within the discipline. Expectations of a doctoral student include the capacity to develop independent ideas and communicate research results in oral and written form.

The aim of the doctoral position is for the doctoral student to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to conduct research autonomously within Literature and to contribute to the development of knowledge within the discipline through the production of a scholarly thesis. Another aim is for the doctoral student to develop an ability to apply the acquired knowledge and skills within post-degree research or other qualified professional work.