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Resarchers at the department generally publish their results in books or scientific journals. The results are also presented at international conferences. All such publications are reported in the bibiliography of the department.

The researchers at the department present their results in books, professional journals or at international conferences. All such publications are listed in the department’s bibliography.

GUP - Gothenburg University Publications. A bibliographic system for the registration of scientific publications authored by researchers at Göteborg University.

On the 1st of January 2009 the disciplines of Ancient History, Archaeology and History became one department – the Department of Historical Studies.

Published before 2009

 Published since 2009

GUPEA - Gothenburg University Publications Electronic Archive. A fulltext database for e-publishing of dissertations, research reports etc. GUPEA uses the DSpace platform.

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Department of historical studies 2009 –

Publications before 2009

Department of Archaeology & Ancient history
Department of History

For detailed accounts of the Gotarc Series and other archaeological publications linked to the department, please see the Swedish language version of this web page.