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Working papers and reports

Find below a selection of working papers within the field of migration and integration published by researchers from different faculties and disciplines around the University of Gothenburg. We are currently working on updating this page.

Working papers


Johannesson, Livia, Lisa Borrelli, Daniel Hedlund, Annika Lindberg (2023). Border Bureaucracies: A Literature Review of Discretion in Migration Control. NCCR Working Papers.

Haliloglu Kahraman, Z. Ezgi (2023). Analyzing the Multidimensionality of Syrian Refugee Integration at the Urban Level Through Everyday Life Experiences and Perceptions. (SIPGI WP No.1)

Alkhatib, Walid and Kaitlin Cox (2023). The Impact of Institutions on Syrian Refugees in Jordan. (SIPGI WP No. 2)

Oguzhan Turkoglu (2023). Preferences for Refugee Settlements. (SIPGI WP No. 3)

Josepha Wessels (2023). But you do not 'look' Syrian?” Experiences of Syrians in urban areas of Sweden (SIPGI WP No. 4)


Sylwia Jedrzejewska & Andrea Spehar (2020). Challenges and Opportunities in Municipal Work Towards Long-Term Integration in The County of Västra Götaland. ISBN: 978-91-639-9838-6.

Kristin Franke Björkman & Andrea Spehar. New in the City: How newly arrived refugees experience reception and integration in the City of Gothenburg, 2015-2017. ISBN: 978-91-639-9836-2