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Collegium for Life-World Phenomenological Research

All empirical pedagogical research makes assumptions regarding the reality about which it is trying to obtain knowledge. Basic philosophical assumptions, of an ontological and epistemological nature, are therefore introduced, frequently unconsciously.

For the most part they function as invisible filters through which the research initially becomes possible. However, unless they are thematised and made explicit, they are not available for researchers to take a position on, and for others to critically assess, i.e. the very foundation of the type of knowledge that can be termed scholarly. For this reason the philosophical foundations should be made explicit.

The life – world phenomenological research approach has its explicit point of departure in the phenomenological life-world conception that entails a non-reductionist and integrative view of life and world, body and soul, object and subject, outer and inner, physical and mental, sensual and cognitive etc.

This starting point creates a basis for methodological selection and human science research on its own terms: in pursuit of a complex and human reality in its diverse forms.

The aims of the collegium

  • constitute a forum for exchange of knowledge in life-world phenomenological research
  • further develop and advance life-world phenomenological research
  • initiate research and development projects
  • arrange seminars, workshops, courses, conferences etc. in life-world phenomenological research
  • disseminate knowledge on life-world research outside the University
  • be a centre for contacts with the surrounding world
  • promote cooperation with institutions and persons on a local, national and international level
  • be open and available for all interested parties

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