University of Gothenburg
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Doctoral Studies

The department offers doctoral education in two areas: Education Science and Child and Youth Studies. A prominent ambition of the training is to prepare Ph D candidates for empirical research and practice-oriented research inside and outside educational institutions. Important research areas at the department include learning, upbringing and everyday life of children and young people inside as well as outside educational institutions. Much of the research focuses on preschool, learning and teaching in preschool and the role of school-age educare (leisure-time centre). Another prominent line of research concerns digitalisation and its consequences for schooling and professional learning among teachers.

Fields of research

At the department, there is a lively research environment with many projects addressing a range of topics: preschool, school, leisure-home centre and other institutional activities including adult education and lifelong learning. There is also research that concerns the broader conditions of life and wellbeing of children and young people in contemporary society in different parts of the world. Another prominent interest is digitalization and learning in societies undergoing rapid change.

Six Research Themes

The research is multidisciplinary and organized in six different research themes. Each of these themes consists of research groups with different specializations. The research groups conduct projects, write applications for research funding, and this is the context where the doctoral students receive significant parts of their scholarly training.