University of Gothenburg
Photo: Illustration: Cecilia Lundgren

About us

The Department of Education, Communication and Learning (IPKL) was formed on 1 July 2010 and are centrally located at Läroverksgatan 15 at Pedagogen in Gothenburg and in the old Gegerfeltska villa from 1875. Education, Communication and Learning are our areas of knowledge, and learning and socialization in everyday life as well as in institutional and professional contexts are our focus areas.

Internationally, our research contributes to issues concerning the conditions of vulnerable children and young people, the preschool's mission and quality, migration and other societal changes, violence and racism in school and during leisure-time and the consequences of digitalisation for education and working life.

We are the program manager for one of the largest education programs at the university, the Preschool Teacher Education program. We are also responsible for the Teacher Education Programme directed towards school-age educare (leisure-time centre).

At master's level, we offer two programs, the Master's program in Child and Youth Science and the International Master's program in Information Technology and Learning. We also provide doctoral education in the areas of Child and Youth Science and Education Science.

Collaboration with the professional fields is extensive and is conducted, among other things, through research projects and practical research, research schools, commissioned education, seminar activities and development of in-service teacher education.

Contact us - if you want to study a course or a program, look for a job as a doctoral student or seek for research results or contacts!


Head of department: Markus Nivala

Deputy head of department: Sylvi Vigmo

Vice head of department, research and doctoral education: Åsa Mäkitalo

Vice head of department, education: Ann-Marie Eriksson,  Annika Edenholm

Head of administration: Kristin Martinsson