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University of Gothenburg
Hällristningar på skärm
Photo: Katarina Wignell

What we offer

We want to get in touch with researchers, teachers and students interested in issues related to humanities and digital culture in all its aspects and applications. You do not need to have a finished or clear idea or knowledge of how to design a project, nor do you need to have any knowledge of digital techniques, methods or perspectives. So don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in possible collaborations or have questions about digital humanities.

Resource Portal for Digital Humanities

The Resource portal is the gateway to our ongoing research projects and resources. In the near future, there will also be an open access repository with standalone datasets from a number of our research projects.

Internal training

We offer in-house education to researchers, teachers and students, at the University of Gothenburg through training courses on issues such as digital text analysis, programming for humanists and GIS (geographical information systems). Please contact us if you have suggestions for any further courses you would like us to be able to provide.


We are constantly working initiating and developing new research projects and we can assist on preparing research project applications as well as assist with digital expertise and staff working on funded research projects. Contact us at well in advance before the application is due, preferably 6-8 weeks before and attach a brief description of your idea / project. You do not need to have a finished digital research project idea as we will help you develop it.

Method Support

A central part of our mission is to support researchers, teachers and students at the Faculty of Humanities who are in need of information and support regarding digital methods, computer materials and software. Please contact us if you need help with your ongoing research or if you have an idea for a future project.

Seminar series

We provide information on ongoing research and activities in the digital humanities through a variety of seminars and other public activities. The DH seminar is an open seminar series on digitalization and the humanities, with regular meetings one or a two Friday afternoons a month. We are very happy to cooperate with other institutions and actors – please contact us if you have ideas about topics to adress or speakers to invite.

Artificial intelligence and the Humanities is an open series of talks based on ongoing research at various institutions at the Faculty of Humanities. Programme for 2021 TBA.

The DH Pizza is a lunch presentation series about digital humanities, every Friday at 1–2 pm. We offer free pizza and short informal presentations about ongoing research, digital tools and other activities at the University of Gothenburg and the larger Gothenburg region. The DH Pizza is currently cancelled due to Covid-19.

Several of our seminars are recorded and published here on our website. You can watch our recorded seminars by following this link.

Workshops and conferences

Each semester we arrange a number of national and international workshops and conferences. We are happy to collaborate with other institutions and actors both inside and outside of the university and at other institutions in Sweden and abroad – please contact us if you have any ideas about relevant topics or guests. More information here TBA.


The Centre for Digital Humanities resides in the 'CDH Room' (C360) at Renströmsgatan 6 in Gothenburg. If you wish to book our room for a meeting, workshop or similar academic events, please contact Katarina Wignell. Do not forget to state the desired date and time, purpose of meeting, and number of participants.