University of Gothenburg

The DH Seminar

The Centre for Digital Humanities is an open seminar series on digitization and the humanities, with recurring meetings a couple of times a month. The idea is to capture interest within the entire faculty for the vast field covered by the digital humanities research area.

The content of the seminar will vary between shorter text seminars, guest lecturers, input from our own researchers, and essay seminars within the framework of the Master's Programme in Digital Humanities.

The target group is both researchers and students at the advanced level. Text seminars will be held in Swedish, unless otherwise stated. International guests will present in English, Swedish guests may present in English if specified. Recurring time: Fridays at 3.15pm–5pm. For location, please see the event post in the calendar.

Jonas Ingvarsson is in charge for the seminar programme, and we welcome suggestions regarding the content of the seminar series.

Most of our seminars will be recorded, watch them here: Recorded seminars

23 September: Fight the machine, fight the problem, fight the money: Programming Langugage History and Some Implications for Algorithmic Criticism

4 November: What's the matter with computational literary studies? + Doing (computational) literary studies

18 November: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

25 November: Från världskrig till nätkrig

9 December: Dried and flattened – materiality and representation in digitised herbaria + Digitalisering av Kungliga Vetenskapsakademiens Handlingar

1 October: Richard Rogers, Professor of New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. He is the author of the book Doing Digital Methods (SAGE 2019).
15 October: N. Katherine Hayles, author of several books on posthumanism, electronic literature, and digital culture. Her latest book Postprint: Books and Becoming Computational was published by Columbia University Press this spring.
26 november: John Martin, Sustain Earth Institute University of Plymouth: Participatory walking methods and tools. In cooperation with Ekoseminariet.
3 december: Peter Leonard, the director of the Digital Humanities Lab at Yale university.