University of Gothenburg


Find the right person to support your research! We support researchers, teachers and students at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Gothenburg, who are in need of information and support regarding digital methods, data materials and software.

Mathies G Aarhus
Mathies Aarhus is postdoc at GRIDH and works on a project that explores how literary reception is adapting to labor developments using data and methods from digital humanities.

David Alfter
David Alfter holds a PhD in language technology. His main research concerns text-based data analysis and machine learning.

Julia Beck
Julia Beck is modeling, mapping, enriching and aggregating Linked Open Data with a special focus on metadata from the performing arts domain.

Tristan Bridge
Tristan Bridge currently works as a front end developer for GRIDH. He develops graphic interfaces for web, mobile, and VR/AR applications. Previously he has worked as a game designer and possess a bachelors and masters focusing on interactive media.

Daniel Brodén
Daniel Brodén, associate professor in film studies, provides research support in interdisciplinary project design for data-rich research, mixed methods, critical digital humanities and the use of digital research infrastructures.

Cecilia Lindhé
Cecilia Lindhé is director of GRIDH. Her expertise includes building humanities research infrastructures and digital research projects, development of digital education modules at basic and advanced level, digital methods, critical digital humanities, digital cultural heritage, digital poetry, art, and literature.

Mats Fridlund
Mats Fridlund provides research support in interdisciplinary digital project design, critical digital humanities, digital text analysis and mixed methods.

Ashely Green
Ashely Green provides research support in GIS, data visualization and deep learning.

Siska Humlesjö
Siska Humlesjö is a systems librarian and specializes in metadata for libraries, library systems, user-adapted IT systems and libraries' infrastructure.

Jonas Ingvarsson
Jonas Ingvarsson is associate professor in Literary Studies and coordinator of the Master's program in digital humanities. His main interests are in mixed methods (digital/traditional), digital epistemology, media history and media archaeology.

Aram Karimi
Aram Karimi works as an AI researcher and system developer at GRIDH.
She mostly works with database management, backend programming and text analysis.

Arild Matsson
Arild Matsson is a language technologist and research engineer, and develops research tools with a focus on language technology, web and graphical interfaces.

Michael McGuire
Michael McGuire has a PhD in linguistics with a background in computational linguistics and text analysis. He is interested in adapting computational linguistic tools to digital humanities contexts, combining traditional humanities methods with modern computational methods.

Matteo Tomasini
Matteo Tomasini specializes in the development of agent-based simulations, as well as providing support for mathematical and computational modelling of various nature.

Jonathan Westin
Jonathan Westin provides research support in digitization, 3D visualization and immersive technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Johan Åhlfeldt
Johan Åhlfeldt gives support in advanced data management, data modelling och database design. Other areas of support are statistical and spatial-temporal analysis. Furthermore he develops solutions for dynamic online research platforms that supports editing and transformation of data, visualization and analysis, i.e. web GIS and exchange of data by means of Linked Open Data, especially cultural heritage data.