University of Gothenburg

National research infrastructures

GRIDH is part of several national research infrastructures.


GRIDH is part of the national research infrastructure InfraVis, which supports scientific progress through the application of data analysis and visualization techniques. The goal of the national infrastructure is to give researchers access to visualization experts and advanced visualization laboratories from nine visualization environments in Sweden. The University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology are part of a joint node and share resources.


GRIDH is part of Huminfra, a new infrastructure for research in the humanities, arts and social sciences, which aims to create a web-based information portal that compiles and links to digital resources and educational opportunities in Sweden. Huminfra includes highly specialized expertise from 12 universities and organizations.


GRIDH is part of Swe-Clarin, which is the Swedish node in European CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) and which builds a research infrastructure for speech- and text-based e-science. Swe-Clarin addresses researchers and others interested in digital methods and materials in the humanities and social sciences. A central task is to provide language technology tools and resources, including text collections, corpora, lexicons and audio recordings. Swe-Clarin is linked to the National Language Bank.