University of Gothenburg
Crossing intersection in Japan
Successful collective action is determined by a variety of contextual factors, including social norms.
Photo: Ryoji Iwata, Unsplash


CeCAR’s research aims to contribute knowledge about the mechanisms behind voluntary and regulated, large-scale collective action (LSCA).

What factors combine to create or contribute to successful outcomes? How should large-scale collective action regulations, accords, legislation and agreements be designed so that the desired results are achieved? The aim of this research is to develop an empirically based theory that can explain the factors behind successful large-scale collective action.

Research questions

  1. What factors determine successful voluntary LSCA?
  2. How do these factors interact and what is the effect of such interactions on voluntary LSCA?
  3. What factors determine successful regulated LSCA, for example compliance with policies?
  4. How do these factors interact and what is the interaction effect on regulated LSCA?