University of Gothenburg


Centre for Collective Action Research (CeCAR) is organizationally located at the Department of Political Science. A management team is responsible for the daily operations. The centre has a steering group with representatives from the university, administrative authorities and organizations. In additon, CeCAR has an international advisory board with world leading scholars as well as policymakers.

Management team

Sverker C. Jagers, Director

Åsa Löfgren, Chairperson Steering Committee

Tina Johansen Lilja, Coordinator and Communications Officer

Olof Larsson, Dep. Coordinator

Principal Investigators

Bengt Brülde, Prof., Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, Theory of Science

Fredrik Carlsson, Prof., Department of Economics

Bethanie Carney Almroth, Associate Prof., Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences

Sam Dupont, Associate Prof., Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Sverker C. Jagers, Prof., Department of Political Science

David Langlet, Prof., Department of Law

Åsa Löfgren, Associate Prof., Department of Economics

Andreas Nilsson, Prof., Department of Psychology

Martin Sjöstedt,  Prof., Department of Political Science

Steering Committee

Ficre Zehaie, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Ina Müller Engelbrektson, Secretary at Climate law inquiry, Government Offices of Sweden

Sam Dupont, Associate Prof., Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Mikael Gilljam, Prof., Department of Political Science, Head of Department

Sverker C. Jagers, Prof., Department of Political Science, Director of CeCAR

Victor Galaz, Associate Prof., Deputy director, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Åsa Löfgren, Associate Prof., Department of Economics, Chairsperson

Advisory Board

Prof. Francisco Alpízar, Chair of the Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Group at the Department of Social Sciences, Wageningen University and Research

Prof. Ken Caldeira, IPCC lead author, NAS-member, Department of Earth System Science, Stanford University

Prof. Robert Gifford, Director of the Environmental, Social and Personality Lab, University of Victoria

Dr. Libby Jewett, Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ocean Acidification Program, US

Prof. Jane Mansbridge, Charles F. Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values, Harvard University

Prof. Aseem Prakash, Professor of Political Science - Walker Family Professor for the Arts and Sciences, University of Washington

Prof. Will Steffen, Executive Director of the Climate Change Institute, ANU and member of the Australian Climate Commission

Prof. Linda Steg, Professor of Environmental Psychology, University of Groningen

Prof. Mike Toman, Lead Economist on Climate Change, the World Bank