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Research-related education and course development

Interested in course material and education? Here you will find information about courses relating to visual research.

Exhibition and films

Artistic interpretations of film and archival material - a collaboration between HDK-Valand, Swedish National Archives, and GPS400.

Participation in Cultural Studies courses



At the time that we were established as the Centre for Collaborative Visual Research, GPS400 provided education via two courses in Cultural Studies at the Department of Cultural Sciences – one at first cycle level: KP1120: CULTURE, DEMOCRACY AND THE CITY and one at intermediate level: KAY121: CULTURAL ANALYSIS. The theme of both courses was “Gothenburg’s transformation and documentation in film and archive material” and they were conducted jointly with colleagues from the Regional Archives in Gothenburg, part of the Swedish National Archives. The course was based around a collaboration project rooted in citizen science, where teachers and students from the School of Design and Crafts worked with volunteers from civil society and experts at the Regional Archives. The result was the exhibition “Där ingen ska bo”, which was put on display at the Regional Archives during the first quarter of 2019. The unique starting point for both the project and the courses was a documentary film discovered by GPS400 employee Erik Florin Persson in the Museum of Gothenburg’s archives, depicting the demolition of Östra Nordstan – Lars Ulveson’s De river i min stad i mitt hjärta (They are demolishing my city, my heart) from 1964.