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About us

On these pages you find information on who we are, how we are organized and how you can collaborate with us.

CARe was founded in April 2016 as a part of the University of Gothenburg Centres for Global Societal Challenges (UGOT Challenges). The University of Gothenburg funds CARe with a budget of ca 50 MSEK over the period 2016-2022.

Our Organization

In order to govern the center, CARe has a Steering Committee, which typically meets 6 times per annum and discusses economy, research, outreach, education and strategic matters concerning CARe. The Steering Committee of CARe has 11 members. The steering committee has communication with an international Advisory Board which enables a broader view on relevant issues regarding the center. In addition, CARes organization encompass an educational and outreach group and a management team.


Six faculties are associated with CARe.


Sahlgrenska Academy

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Education

Contact Us

CARe is a research centre that can offer feedback on different aspects concerning antibiotics from a scientific point of view.

For medical advice we kindly refer readers to the health care sector.

For journalists (and others) who would like to gain more information, we have listed a number of CARe associated experts, who have knowledge which covers a wide plethora of the societal problems that antibiotic resistance presents. Link to the experts.


CARe Management


You can also follow or contact us via our social media accounts:

Twitter: @CARe_GU

Facebook: CAReGU Antibiotic