Stellan Petersson

Senior Lecturer

Department of Swedish, multilingualism, language technology
Visiting address
Renströmsgatan 6
41255 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 200
40530 Göteborg

About Stellan Petersson

I am a senior lecturer in Swedish language (since 2021). I have taught in a variety of fields, at various levels of higher education. During the latest years, my teaching and supervision have concerned, for example, sociolinguistics, rhetoric, writing, discourse analysis, and lexicography.

My research interest is semantics, in particular in relation to questions regarding context dependence. I received my PhD (in theoretical philosophy) in 2019. The doctoral dissertation concerns formal semantics and context dependence. More specifically, truth-conditional pragmatics and indexicalism in the philosophy of language are discussed. In the dissertation, semantic analyses of context-dependent aspects of noun phrases, adjective phrases, the tense system (specifically the present perfect), binding, and meaning litigation are developed. For more information, please visit my profile on ResearchGate.

After I finished my doctoral dissertation, I got involved in research projects related to lexicography and lexicology. I have, in this work, focused on emotive meaning and controversial words, i.e. words that tend to provoke discussion and debate. Context dependence is an important aspect of this phenomena as well, since emotive meaning is perceived in different ways, depending on the speaker, tone of voice, conversational topic, etc. For more information about research on lexicography and lexicology and the department, click on this link.

I am the department’s environment representative, and a member of the department council, since 2021.