Mats Brännström

Professor/ Chief Physician

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Visiting address
Su sahlgrenska kvinnoklin
Postal address
Journalvägen 6
41685 Göteborg

About Mats Brännström

Researchfield: Female reproductive health; translational and clinical research Current research The main goal is to improve diagnostics, treatment and postoperative care for a number of common female health issues by performing experimental, clinical and epidemiological studies. Main topics:

  1. Ovulation mechanisms
  2. Effects of prophylactic oophorectomy
  3. Uterus transplantation
  4. Bioengineered uterus and ovary
  5. Ovarian cryopreservation.   

Background In Sweden alone there are approximately 2,000–3,000 women who are childless because of an dysfunctional or missing uterus.

After careful planning nine women have recieved a new uterus from transplantation. In September 2014, the first transplanted woman delivered a baby – a healthy and normally developed boy.

  • Uterus Transplant - On following pages you will find information and facts about the unique research project.

Ongoing PhD projects: Main supervisor

  • Ahmed Alshaikh. Bioengineered uterus och ovarium
  • Cornelia Bergdahl. Långtidseffekter av profylaktisk oophorektomi
  • Asgeir Thorodssen. Ovulationsmekanismer
  • Farnosh Zakerish. Ovulationsmekanismer

Team members within the research groups:

  • Ahmed Alshaikh
  • Cornelia Bergdahl
  • Pernilla Dahm-Kähler
  • Saskia Eklind
  • Anders Enskog
  • Klaus Groth
  • Mats Hellström
  • Liza Johannesson
  • Cecilia Kärrberg
  • Milan Milenkovic
  • Johan Mölne
  • Michael Olausson
  • Randa Racho
  • Asgeir Thorodssen
  • Ann Wallin
  • Farnosh Zakerish

Financier: ALF Göteborgs Läkaresällskap Handlanden Hjalmar Svenssons Forskningsfond Jane & Dan Olssons Stiftelse för Vetenskapliga Ändamål National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA Vetenskapsrådet