Ian Milsom

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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
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Journalvägen 6 Kvinnoklin SU/Östra
41685 Göteborg
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Kvinnokliniken SU Östra
41685 Göteborg

About Ian Milsom

Research fields: Female Reproductive Health

"Clinical, epidemiological and genetic studies of factors influencing female reproductive health" Background and current research Urinary incontinence (UI) and other types of pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD = prolapse and fecal incontinence) are common conditions which negatively influence the health of the individual, reduce quality of life and working capacity and incur an enormous economic burden on society. Unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STI), e.g. human papilloma virus (HPV), which can cause cervix cancer afflict many thousands of women annually in Sweden and are also a huge global health problem.

Completed studies and future research projects We have performed clinical, epidemiological and genetic studies to evaluate factors influencing female reproductive health. In cohorts of women we have performed studies on: (a) the etiology, prevalence and treatment of UI, prolapse and fecal incontinence (b) prevention of cervix atypier och cervix cancer and (c) evaluated new methods of contraception and their effects on female reproductive health e.g. reduced menstrual bleeding and dysmenorrhea. In particular our studies on the etiology and management of female UI and overactive bladder, prolapse and fecal incontinence have provided valuable information regarding risk factors (e.g. vaginal delivery, BMI, fetal weight, hereditary factors) for future PFD. In our future studies we aim to determine if our new knowledge regarding risk factors for PFD can be used to provide a basis for determining which women will develop future PFD if they have a vaginal delivery.

Doctoral theses 2014 Gudrun Broberg. Non-attendees need attention: Determinants and interventions affecting participation in cervical cancer screening. GU, 10 oktober 2014.

Ongoing PhD projects: Main supervisor

  • Helena Hognert. Preventivmedelsanvändning och oönskad graviditet.
  • Britta Lindblom. Kartläggning av underlivsproblem efter förlossningen.
  • Jwan Othman. Bäckenbottenbesvär hos kvinnor som inte fött barn – förekomst, naturalförlopp och riskfaktorer.
  • Katja Stenström-Bohlin. The importance of life-style factors for the outcome of gynecological surgery.

Team members within the research groups:

  • Maud Ankardal
  • Gudrun Broberg
  • Agneta Ellström
  • Maria Gyhagen
  • Helena Hognert
  • Britta Lindblom
  • Ingela Lindh
  • Ulf GH Malmsten
  • Ulla Molander
  • Jwan Othman
  • Corinne Pedroletti
  • Katja Stenström-Bohlin
  • Jan-Henrik Stjerndahl
  • Björn Strander
  • Anna-Lena Wennberg


Books (selection of recent years) Contraception and family planning Edinburgh: Elsevier; 2005