Johannes Lunneblad


Department of Education, Communication and Learning
Visiting address
Läroverksgatan 15
41120 Göteborg
Room number
Pedagogen A Utsikten Plan 2
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Johannes Lunneblad

Research interests Lunneblad's research focuses on examining how institutions such as schools, social services, and law enforcement delineate various social challenges and engage with youth in contexts characterized by social vulnerability and criminal involvement. Through prior investigations, Lunneblad has explored topics concerning migration and its intersections with education, particularly within preschool and school settings.

Teaching interests I lecture in various courses at both the basic and advanced levels on the topics of learning, culture, language and identity, and methodology with a focus on ethnography.

Keywords cultural studies, ideology, culture, language, identity, and ethnography