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About Isabell Schierenbeck

Schierenbeck is professor in political science at the interdisciplinary School of Global Studies (SGS). She is Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences, responsible for research and research education (2024-). She is guest professor ("commuting") at the Hebrew University, Israel (previously at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) and affiliated researcher at the Center for Advanced Middle Easterns Studies (CMES), Lund University. Part from research and leadership Schierenbeck also has experiences from working in steering committees and advisory boards.

Schierenbeck's main research fields are Israeli and Middle Eastern politics, diaspora and foreign policy analysis, as well as public administration and migration. Her on-going projects are i) diasporas (Turkish, Kurdish, Assyrian, Israeli/Jewish and Palestinian) and foreign policy impact in Sweden and Germany, ii) the changing political order of the Red Sea region; and refugee integration in a comparative perspective in Jordan, Sweden and Turkey. Schierenbeck also has a long-lasting interest in research ethics and safety.

She is frequently consulted as an expert commentator on Middle Eastern/Israeli politics for radio, TV and the daily press.

Current research projects

“Geopolitics at the margins: Exploring emergent political orders across the Red Sea”. Together with Jan Bachmann and Bizusew Ashagrie (Schierenbeck PI). Funded by the Swedish Research Council (2022-2026).

"Transnational civil society and foreign policy: The role of diasporas in comparative perspective". Together with Lisbeth Aggestam (PI) and Arne Wackenhut. Funded by the Swedish Research Council (2022-2026).

"Refugee Migration and Cities: Social Institutions, Political Governance and Integration in Jordan, Turkey and Sweden (SIPGI)". Together with Andrea Spehar (PI), Mine Eder, Alexander Jung, Kristen Kao and Josepha Wessels. Funded by the Swedish Research Council (2019-2024).

Teaching and tutoring

Current PhD supervisions: Emanuelle Brandström Arellano and Flavia Fusco.

Completed PhD supervisions: Carin Berg, Wayne S. Coetzee, Anna K. Forsman, Meike Froitzheim, Alexander Jung, Marie Jeanne Nzayisenga, Arne Wackenhut.

Previous teaching: Middle Eastern politics, research design and qualitative methods (BA and PhD level).

Other positions and trust (current)

Board Member, Institute of Turkish Studies (SUITS), Stockholm University, 2023-

Steering Committee Member, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Gothenburg, 2021-2023.

Board Member, Advisors for Global Engagement, SUHF, 2021-

Board Member, Portfolio Group "Global development and International relations", Norwegian Research Council (RCN), 2019-2023.

Board Member, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), 2019-

Board Member, Centre on Global Migration (CGM), University of Gothenburg, 2017-2023.



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