Irina Polovodova Asteman

Senior Lecturer

Department of Marine Sciences
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 7B
413 90 Göteborg
Room number

About Irina Polovodova Asteman

I am marine geologist and micropalaeontologist working with benthic foraminifera and geochemical proxies. I am interested in a range of topics from environmental changes, such as bottom water oxygen deficiency, ocean acidification, changes in primary productivity, marine pollution and introduction of invasive species to maritime climate variability observed during the late Holocene (last 4000-6000 years). I use marine sediments as natural archives of such changes and a benchmark for environmental baseline assessment. My study area includes coastal waters, fjords and estuaries.

I also coordinate and teach several undergraduate courses:

  • Marine Geology (GVG320)
  • Marine Micropaleontology (MG0230)
  • Marine Micropaleontology and Paleoceanography (GVM460)
  • Introduction to Coastal Ecosystems (MAV108).