Students on a research vessel.
Field work on R/V Skagerak in the course Marine Chemistry.
Photo: Göteborgs universitet

Study Facilities at the Department of Marine Sciences

Gothenburg is situated at the west coast of Sweden. Here you will find coastal waters with higher diversity of marine species than anywhere else in Sweden, along with a relieving proximity to the open sea. The marine research at the University of Gothenburg is prominent in several research fields, and all teaching is done by active researchers. This provides a solid foundation for your studies in a way that is unique in the Swedish context.

Study Facilities in Gothenburg

Most of our teaching takes place in Gothenburg. Here are the Department’s main secretariat, some teaching facilities, and several teachers and researchers situated.

Starting in the autumn semester of 2023, a large part of the University of Gothenburg's teaching and research in natural sciences is housed in a brand new building: Natrium.

Natrium will bring together biology, molecular biology, chemistry, marine sciences, environmental sciences, earth sciences, and conservation.

Study Facilites on board R/V Skagerak

In Gothenburg you will also find R/V Skagerak, the University of Gothenburg’s larger research vessel for education and research within the marine sciences.

On Skagerak, teaching in all marine science disciplines takes place: biology, geology, chemistry, and physical oceanography. 

Home port for Skagerak is Nya Varvet in Gothenburg.

Study Facilities at Tjärnö and Kristineberg

We have study facilities at two research stations located on the Bohus Coast: Tjärnö Marine Laboratory and Kristineberg Center for Marine Research and Innovation. They are two of Europe’s most modern marine stations, with education and research within the marine sciences.

Tjärnö Marine Laboratory is located at Sweden's most species-rich marine area in the northern part of Bohuslän province. Kristineberg Center is located at the Gullmar Fjord in the centre of Bohuslän province.

Virtual tours

Explore our study facilites at Botany Building, Tjärnö, Kristineberg, and R/V Skagerak by taking virtual tours.