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Book R/V Skagerak

Would you like to book R/V Skagerak for a scientific expedition or commercial research mission? Then follow our checklist. Early and clear information allows us to ensure a smooth booking process, which ultimately means an efficient, safe and successful expedition.

Plan ahead of booking R/V Skagerak

To create the best conditions for the expedition, it is important to plan well in advance. Before you apply to book R/V Skagerak, we therefore recommend that you prepare clear information about the expedition. This will make it easier for you to follow our checklist when booking.

Photo: Peter Hellberg

When is R/V Skagerak available?

In Teamup you will find the current schedule of the R/V Skagerak.

  1. Blue: Bookings for researchers at the University of Gothenburg
  2. Green: Bookings for courses
  3. Black: Dates when R/V Skagerak is not available for bookings (mobilisation, events or similar.)
  4. Yellow: Maintenance of R/V Skagerak
  5. Orange: External scientists and assignments with and for commercial companies
  6. Grey: Preliminary bookings where negotiations are in progress

1. Book R/V Skagerak

When you're ready, it's time to apply to book the R/V Skagerak. The booking process takes place according to the following steps.

Photo: Göteborgs universitet

2. Plan for the expedition with R/V Skagerak

Once the expedition is booked and ready to go, there are a few things to think about. Here are the five steps involved in planning an expedition on R/V Skagerak. NOTE: The person who booked the expedition is responsible for carrying out some of these points, so follow the list carefully. 

Photo: University of Gothenburg

3. How much will the voyage cost?

R/V Skagerak is for both scientific expeditions and commercial missions.
However, the cost of using the research ship varies depending on whether you are a researcher at the University of Gothenburg, a researcher at another university or a representative of a commercial company. 

4. After the expedition with R/V Skagerak – what now?

We know that it is often a busy time when you are back on solid ground. However – we really hope that you will take a moment to evaluate your thoughts about the expedition and your time on board R/V Skagerak. 

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