University of Gothenburg
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Seminars for a broader understanding of AI in society

Artificial intelligence (AI), self-learning algorithms, autonomous decision-making and human-machine interfaces. These are technologies that are already changing our world. Now the Centre for Consumer Research is launching a series of hybrid seminars where researchers will discuss AI from different perspectives.

In this seminar series, we will focus on social science and humanities research in relation to AI and related technologies. The aim is to create conditions for a broader understanding of the phenomenon and its applications and emergence. The seminar series is relevant for researchers and people interested in the growing debate and applications of advanced digital technologies in contexts such as economics, work and business, both inside and outside academia. The development and application of artificial intelligence and associated digital technologies cannot be reduced to a matter of engineering or computation. It is also a cultural and ideological phenomenon where visions, practices, power and norms play a central role in terms of applications, hopes and risks. Humanistic, interdisciplinary and social science research on AI addresses several important dimensions, such as history, ethics, economics, culture, society, democracy, values and legal issues.
In these seminars, researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds will present theories, empirical research and perspectives. The aim is to focus on questions about how, when and with what consequences AI and new digital technologies are developed, applied, experienced and discussed.