Göran Hilmersson, Dean of The Faculty of Science
Göran Hilmersson is Dean of The Faculty of Science at the University of Gothenburg.

The natural sciences need you in Gothenburg


We can offer you all the opportunities of the world.

Waves splashing against the dock at Tjärnö Marine Laboratory. The smell of resin wafts in from the nearby conifers in the botanical garden, just beside the faculty.

It’s been said that Swedes love nature, and at the University of Gothenburg we always have nature close at hand. I inhale it every day on my bike trip to work.

And nature isn’t the only thing you can count on here. There is also something about the people. It’s no accident that our city is ranked among the most welcoming in the world. Gothenburg is indeed a friendly city, and many have experienced its warm and secure atmosphere. Maybe that’s also why, especially in the long run, more and more researchers and students choose to work and live here.

You can always ask one of these newcomers why they came. Find out what they think, listen to their stories. Don’t be surprised if they talk about a special atmosphere.

And our newcomers most definitely contribute to this atmosphere. I want to call it our global heart.

Because we are global. With every heartbeat. We do our best to make sure people from around the world feel that this is their place to conduct research and where they can develop as a person, as a student, as a researcher. As part of this ambition, we want everyone who comes here to have the same fundamental opportunities. Women and men. Regardless of where you come from.

During a time when some want to close both borders and restrict sources of knowledge, it is vitally important to safeguard the global ambitions of research. Because natural science gives us truly unlimited opportunities. To increase our understanding. To improve the world. To do what you want, what makes a difference for yourself and others. To take research even farther.

So, whether you are an undergraduate student, a master’s student, a doctoral student, a researcher or simply someone who is curious: I know we can enrich each other. In our environment, you are given the chance to discover and explore your passion for your deepest interests.

I look forward to meeting you.


Göran Hilmersson
The Faculty of Science at the University of Gothenburg

Göran Hilmersson

Göran Hilmersson studied organic chemistry at the University of Gothenburg and completed his doctorate in 1996. After a Wallenberg-financed postdoc at the Scripps Research Institute, he returned to Gothenburg as a postdoctoral research fellow in 1998. He was promoted to senior lecturer in 1999 and received a senior research position from the Swedish Research Council in 2004. He has been a professor of organic chemistry since 2005.