Normality, care, rights and power

Research group

Short description

The social science research platform NORM focuses on disability and aging and conducts research on social policy, power structures, categorizations, and professional work related to activities for the elderly and people with disabilities. The research team also examines family life and networks, as well as the participation and living conditions of the elderly and people with disabilities. The platform includes both senior and junior researchers.

Research project

Within the research group, a number of research and dissertation projects are underway, such as Åsa Borgström's dissertation project on young people with intellectual disabilities and social media, Satsuki Murofushi's dissertation project on family employment, the FORTE-funded project “Family assistance: hybrid between traditional family care and modern well-being relative assistance to people with disabilities ”, and“ Sustainable coordination for quality - how to coordinate the management of social services and health and medical care for frail elderly people.


The research group's latest scientific publications in the subject can be found in the University of Gothenburg's publication database (GUP).