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New Ways – Mental Health at Work

Research group

Short description

Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are common among the working population. Both Swedish and international researchers has found that individuals with mental health problems are at a greater risk of becoming sick listed compared to individuals with other diagnoses, and patients are often absent for long time periods. New Ways research program aims to increase the scientific knowledge how to identify, treat and support individuals with depression and anxiety, to enable their capacity for work and decrease the need for sick leave.

Research areas

New Ways researchprogram is divided into three main areas. The first one has a focus on health literacy within the general population. Health literacy as a concept entails aspects such as access to, understanding, to be able to relate to and applying information that affects health. The second category has a focus on early identification, support and treatment within the Swedish primary care, and the third category has a focus on early identification and increased knowledge in a working life context.

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Ongoing research projects


The main focus and assumption of the New Ways researchprogram is the identification and treatment of common mental disorders with Swedish primary healthcare, early and adapted rehabilitation can strengthen working capacity and prevent short- and long-term sick leave. To be able to work is one of the main foundations for livelihood, social cohesion and structure in everyday life, and people should not be excluded due to lack of knowledge or prejudice among managers and supervisors on common mental disorders or due to shortcomings in the sick leave process and/or rehabilitation process.