University of Gothenburg

Spa Guest Research Programme

The SPA guest research programme aims to encourage research cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between local and international researchers.

Our hope is that that visiting scholars will contribute to the development of new networks among researchers and teachers in Public Administration, and to facilitate collaboration in the production of research grant applications.

Distinguished international researchers are invited to visit SPA during several sessions over a three-year period. A visiting guest researcher is encouraged to participate in activities such as lectures, seminars, symposiums and workshops. Contributions to courses and seminars relating to the PhD programme are especially welcome.

Earlier and current guests include:

Conditions for guest resarchers

The specific arrangement for each guest is a matter of discussion in order to best accommodate the needs of the guest and the department, but the following instructions can serve as general guidelines:

  • Guest researchers will visit SPA during three sessions of (1-2 weeks) over the period of three years. One or two guests could be invited to attend the program simultaneously.
  • Members of the SPA faculty may nominate candidates for the programme to the SPA Committee for research and PhD programme (RFF). RFF evaluate the merits of the nominations. The head of department approves or declines nominations after hearing the recommendations of the committee.
  • Researchers who wish to be involved to the programme are encouraged to contact SPA and signal their interest in very good time. New guests are only invited every other year, and long-term planning is of the essence.
  • SPA will appoint a local researcher as a contact person. The contact person is responsible for keeping in touch with the guests between visits and assist in planning their stay. The aim is to ensure that best use is made of our guests’ talents.
  • SPA will cover accommodation and travel costs for guests during their stay. The arrangement is built on agreements between SPA and the guests’ universities.
  • SPA will provide the guests with temporary offices, computers, Internet-access and service normally accessible to the SPA faculty.
  • Further details of the visi will be discussed whence the invitation is accepted.