University of Gothenburg


Faculty members engage in a wide range of scholarly and applied research and community service with the goal of improving government and society in Sweden and abroad. We specialize in policy studies, management, evaluation and accounting in public organizations and actively engaging in dissiminating our research to both private and public partners

The School of Public Administration at University of Gothenburg is a leading Swedish academic community of students, alumni, practitioners, faculty, and staff, developing and disseminating multidisciplinary knowledge about the public administration and its environment. The department is currently the only one of its kind in Swedish academia.

A precondition in enabling the SPA to pursue high-quality research that is relevant for society is that research questions are identified on the basis of problems and challenges that the public administration is encountering and will be facing. In addition to the fact that it must be possible for the research community to utilise knowledge and perspectives from the public administration, it is of importance that research-generated knowledge is made available for the benefit of and use in and by the public administration. The strategy for developing and promoting interaction with social actors and improving the prerequisites for societal influence is therefore multi-faceted and include several different channels and measures.