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The School of Public Administration offers a wide variety of courses in the field of Public Administration, albeit with a certain specialization in policy analysis, public management and organization studies. We offer courses and programmes to a large body of students at bachelor, master as well as doctorate level.

The academic year consists of two semesters running from the end of August to middle of January and from the middle of January to the beginning of June. The duration and the extent of the courses and programmes are expressed in a system of credit points, where one credit point corresponds to one week of full-time study.

Please note that The School of Public Administration's regular courses and programmes are taught in Swedish only. However we do teach Erasmus-students.

The overall aim of courses and programmes offered at the School of Public Administration is to give the students a breadth of knowledge about economics, politics and administration. A student who has obtained a degree from the School of Public Administration has every reason to be called an expert in the functioning of the public sector.

The labour market that awaits the students is naturally to be found within the public administration - in Sweden and abroad – as well as within organisations and companies. Today no major company can operate without personnel with intimate knowledge of how the public sector functions. The School of Public Administration places a high value on close contacts with both the public administration and the business world.