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Handfull personer står vid stenar framför havet vari det ligger odlingslådor och bojar
Kivik Tång's own marine allotment is made up of grasskelp growing in frames.

Kivik Tång cultivates the green algae grasskelp

Kivik Tång was formed in 2022 as a non-profit organization. Now they have about 20 active members and collaborate with the Marine Center in Simrishamn.

The Danish sea farmers from Havhøst became a source of inspiration for members of the Kivik village association and Kivik resident Anders Andersson, resulting in test cultivation of algae started together with the Marine Center in Simrishamn. Now, Kivik Tång cultivates the green algae grasskelp in wooden frames from spring to fall and has done so since November 2022.

– During the summer of 2023, we have harvested three to four times, says Jan Nilsson, vice chairman of Kivik Tång.

What is the seaweed used for?

– The seaweed we harvest is enough for seasoning and pesto. You have to start somewhere, says Jan Nilsson.

Kivik Tång cultivates and informs about cultivation

In addition to cultivation, they have organized courses on seaweed cultivation with Vuxenskolan Skåneland, provided information and offered seaweed during Sillens dag in Simrishamn and during the autumn market in Kivik. During their cultivation meetings, the association's members talk about further development and eat seaweed in all forms. In 2023, the municipality also gave Kivik Tång geographical space and permission for a boathouse, which was financed by local businesses and has become the centerpiece of Kivik Tång.

– It is our university, says Jan Nilsson. 

Text: Kajsa Centre

Kivik Tång

What: Seaweed cultivation in Kivik. 

The aim: Increase knowledge on how to sustainably use seaweed and how it can be applied as blue food.

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Two men in their 70s are standing in front of the sea wearing shirts with "Kivik seaweed" printed on them and name tags.
Jan Nilsson, vice chairman and Anders Andersson, chairman of Kivik Tång.
Photo: Kajsa Centre