Theano Moussouri
Theano Moussouri

Guest visit by Theano Moussouri, UCL

Theano Moussouri, Professor of Museum Studies at the Institute of Archaeology UCL, will be joining the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies and the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Gothenburg in November.

About Theano Moussouri

Theano Moussouri is Professor of Museum Studies at the Institute of Archaeology UCL, and Director for the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies at UCL (joint research centre UGOT-UCL). Moussouri is an internationally renowned scholar on heritage and museum studies as well as culinary heritage and sustainability.

Moussouri has nearly 30 years of experience conducting social science research into public engagement with science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM), being one of the first researchers who examined the role and value of museums and their impact on people’s life and behaviour in the UK. Since 2016, she has been carrying out research in food behaviours, practices and decision-making, as well as food poverty and food security, with an emphasis on its role in transitioning to present-day sustainable food systems.

A common thread of her research is the application of participatory knowledge construction theories and research methodologies to the study of how people make decisions, what motivates their decisions, and the dialectic relations between human agency and structure. Another key driver of her research is shaping policy on societal issues, as witnessed by the publication of policy papers commissioned by the European Commission and which builds on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and UCL’s Grand Challenges agenda. Her action research methodological approach developed for the BigPicnic EC-funded project has been used to shape policy debate related to food and food security in Scotland, in England (National Food Strategy, Defra) and Canada (Food Secure Canada). It has also been used in legislating the Protection Act for women affected by FGM by the Scottish Parliament

When in Gothenburg

Moussouri will be in Gothenburg in November and participate in several event, give a talk in the annual Heritage Fair, present at a seminar hosted by the Centre for Critical Heritage studies (CCHS) and the Centre for Tourism, and host a research training seminar.

For more information about the events, see below under "Related". Welcome!

"We are all excited about professor Theano Moussouri’s research visit. Within the CCHS context she has been an appreciated scholar and international contact for several years," says Astrid von Rosen, Director CCHS.

"I look forward to further strengthening the collaboration with her and exchange ideas on the futures of culinary heritage and sustainability. I also hope to be able to show her some of Gothenburg’s culinary scene!"


Find out more about Theano from UCL website: Theano Moussouri - Professor of Museum Studies | Institute of Archaeology - UCL – University College London