University of Gothenburg

Exhibition: HDK-Valand, Campus Gothenburg

Theme: In the Anthropocene

Where human hands guide the world’s course, we want to dedicate ourselves to mother earth’s yearnings.
Making Transparency shows the transformative power of design, where each object is an exploration in Posthumanism. The objects are not merely furniture; they are narratives, exploring the relation between humanity and the natural world.
Follow us beyond the conventional and explore the entanglements of humanity, nature, and the designed environment.
In this exhibition, design students from HDK-Valand, approach Posthumanist questions from their own perspectives. Our design educations are based on a foundation of artistic practice, which often leads to exploratory and multi-disciplinary design methods that result in both tangible objects and open questions.

In this exhibition we have students from both our candidate- and master programs represented

Participating students - Campus Göteborg

Wilma Norrman 


​​Where humans exist, rats exist. We all find ourselves in an unwinnable battle for the right to exist peacefully within our homes. The nightstand CO-LIVING is a peace offering transcending the boundaries between our species. By exchanging fear for harmony, we can cultivate an environment that encourages us to look beyond our differences, both rats and humans alike.
CO-LIVING is designed collaboratively by both humans and rats, the perforations are inspired by rat traces on moving boxes. Could the rats in your home be similarly designing their own piece of furniture?

Solid pinewood, birch wood plugs, beeswax polish

Contact, @studiowilhelmina

Alice Hultqvist, Emelie Sjöberg och Linnea Nilsson 

Titel: Chia-Chair

We live in what some call the Anthropocene – the age of humans. Humanity has, in recent centuries, dominated the Earth's resources at the expense of nature and wildlife. Chia-Chair is a seating furniture that requires care if it is to flourish over time, like all living beings. The seating furniture becomes its own entity that not only requires but demands respect from the user. The plant is the primary user of Chia-Chair, and humans are only temporary visitors.

Ash wood, yarn, stuffing and chia seeds

Contact, @l.nnea_n.lsson, @sjobergdesign

Lovisa Björkgren 

Titel: Timglas

Timglas is a sculptural outdoor furniture designed for the public space in Gothenburg. Metal and limestone symbolize humanity and nature. The furniture in its whole represents the ongoing imbalance in their relationship. Climate change, with intense rainfall, poses a constant threat to biodiversity. By exposure to the weather, the soft limestone will slowly descend into the hourglass-shaped metal construction, visualizing the passage of time as well as symbolizing destruction over time.

Metal and limestone


Anna Fagerström, Louise Rosengren, Cornelia Önnerlöv 

Titel: 30%

The oceans need to be protected.
How comfortable will that be for you?


wood and acrylic

cornelia_onnerlov, @fagerstromanna,

Barbara Labus

Titel: Interspecies dining

Interspecies dining table facilitates multi-species dining and fostering a unique and thought-provoking experience that encourages reflection on the human-animal relationship. An incorporated feeding rack can be used for serving hay to animals. Placing it on the table-top allows humans and animals to eat together. The structure is made of pine wood and is characterized by soft and simple form. By situating different animals on an equal footing at the table, it prompts to reconsider humans’ attitudes and responsibilities towards diverse forms of life, but also viewing all species as equal partners in a shared living environment.

Pine wood, pine plywood


Jonas Hagberth, Jakob Tangen 

Titel: T-chair

T-chair speculates the potential impacts of current trends in the transforming pedagogical landscape of design. This AI entity, embodied within an archetypal design object, uses generative AI to introduce a possible future: a machine playing the role of a design tutor at HDK-Valand. T-chair encourages critical reflection on the impacts of architecture and technology on design education and the consequent reshaping of educational processes and expectations.

ash, aluminium, steel, plexiglass, computer comp

Contact, @jakobtangen, @instantexit

Karin Bolin, Amalia Holmberg

Titel: An Alchemy of Making

An Alchemy of Making, is a piece of furniture made of human hair and the shell of the Japanese oyster, an alchemical proposal where the dignity of both is equalized. It is a story in which man, like oysters, is portrayed in his invasive form.
The work intends to criticize norms around the use of materials that are otherwise neglected, a discourse in which the presented material hopes to be able to contribute and question. A piece of furniture that advocates an unfiltered recognition of feminine, sustainable design.

Human hair, oyster shells, cardboard and binding agent

@kariinboliindesiign, @holmbergamaliadesign

Georg Södling

Titel: Moo-chair

The Moo-Chair draws inspiration from the form of a cow. Its gently curved back mirrors the bovine spine, while the legs, reminiscent of sturdy hooves, along with the classic cow-pattern, add a friendly appearance. Every detail contributes to creating a unique and functional piece that not only pays tribute to the cow but also serves as an aesthetically pleasing addition to a home.

Fiber glas


Alice Fallemark Byström

Titel: ARK

ARK, a piece of furniture created from durable and robust metal, whose heart is hollow to offer a sanctuary for nature itself. The empty core serves as a place for organic creativity, where plants and mosses are given the opportunity to thrive and grow. Nature's vegetation becomes an integral part of the furniture's volume, creating a unique dialog between the artificial and the natural.
ARK is not just a static construction but rather a living and changing creation, whose appearance will evolve over time as nature takes its place and is shaped from within.



Ainhoa Cortés

Titel: The Enlightened Skein – reflecting on the soul of textile fibers

Through the expression of textile fibers, a fabric book transports you to an imaginary world where animal and vegetable fibers come alive and express their soul.
The publication contains an investigation through the microscope, reflections, collages and images of fibers that remind us how we humans are at the service of nature and take us into an animist world. 
”Everything is alive and has a conscience”
Tiokasin Ghosthorse – Lakota Elder

Cotton textile

Contact, @ainhoa_cor

Erik Koivusaari 

Titel: Överdagning

Överdagning embodies the interplay between architecture and biology, dedicated to crafting habitats for endangered animals, with a particular emphasis on bats. The project places animal welfare at the forefront, challenging traditional urban planning norms by prioritizing biodiversity over human architectural necessities in urban environments. Drawing inspiration from biomimicry and the 'mud-bottle nest' of the diminutive swallow Fairy Martin in Australia, the project not only seeks to establish functional habitats but also underscores the paramount importance of designing environments by animals, for animals, and preserving their natural behavior.

Earthenware clay and heartwood pine

Contact, @koivusaari,

Contact person press, Göteborg
Mattias Rask
070 076 90 49

Exhibition: HDK-Valand, Campus Gothenburg

Theme: Small contributions

-What values are important?
-Can small furniture make a big difference?
-Are we working together?
-How to use less material?
With our exhibition, we strive to make the viewer reflect on these questions.

All participating students are in their third year of the Bachelor's programme Wood Oriented Furniture Design.

Participating students - Campus Steneby

Julia Ebba


Everything changes and everything ends.
Sometimes you need a table and sometimes you don’t
Designing for small living spaces needs new ideas or like in this case, an old one.


Contact, @bitterljuvlia

Hannes Lohm

Titel: Fold

Fold is a small stool/side table that is designed to fit in small apartments with limited space, when not in use just fold it away, and it takes no space at all.

Contact, @studio.lohm

Carlijn Haringsma

 Titel: Det är ett bord!

Designing for a small space led to the wish to make a table that invites various activities that easily adapt to the moment of the day and the size of the company.
I like to go without a predetermined plan. It is a balancing act in which the qualities of the material, the needs of the user, and ideas about aesthetics are in a continuous interaction. That is how this table became a table.


Johan Albertson


Our special awareness is slowly decaying. A consequence of obtaining most of our information in a fixed position. To maintain our senses we need movement. Therefore I invite you to move around while sitting and experience ålrund.

Contact, @Alpforsbruk

Lukas Iranzo-Laurins

Titel: Rook

Brief and Passion.
As the demands of the brief lay siege to the fortress of my curiosities and desires, I welcome them with open arms. Driven by my passion for the details and solving puzzles, an exploration of form, function, and material grows from the intersection of these two forces.

Contact, @luksafors_

Joshua Taylor

Titel: Rollo

Intended to be versatile in a small living environment, Rollo was designed for storage, as well as being efficient with its spatial footprint. Envisioned to be placed in the bedroom as a nightstand, in the hallway as an entry cabinet, or scaled up to be a media cabinet in the living room. Its soft profile and neutral color tone provide a sense of calmness in a person’s home.

Contact, @joshuajohnssontaylor_

Contact person press, Campus Steneby: 
Sara Szyber
070-788 65 78