University of Gothenburg

Swedish Diet Cohorts Consortium

Swedish Diet Cohort Consortium (SDCC) is a collaboration among researchers in Sweden working with studies on associations between diet and health.

The research takes advantage of larger cohorts where the diet exposure is measured with questionnaires, registrations as well as with biomarkers. The effects of the diet exposure is studies with follow-up visits, with the linking of the cohorts to different endpoint registers and by evaluations of the effects on the risk markers, the metabolome and the microbiota, as well as interaction with genetic factors.

As a first step, SDCC aims to establish a common metadatabase with descriptions of the cohorts included in the consortium. The metadatabase is housed at Swedish National Database, SND ( The metadatabase opens up for the possibility to identify future research studies in nutrition in Sweden, where parts of the material from the different cohorts may be combined in a new initiative or where research within one cohort is repeated in another cohort.

Contacts SDCC:

- Anna Winkvist: Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Gothenburg.
- Rikard Landberg: Professor, Biology and Biological Engineering/Food and Nutrition Science, Chalmers University of Technology.